plaintiff patrons*

*Plaintiff Patrons is a division of Farnsworth Boulter

a privately held Colorado company

Major Equity &/or Generous Interest Bearing Investments Now Available 

In addition, Early Participant Investors will receive investor 

preference in any of the other Farnsworth Boulter ventures. 

Investments in Stage and Screen Plays

Investments in Theatrical Licensing

Investments in Utility and Design Patents

Investments in Projects in Development and in Place

Due to Litigation Privacy and Disclosure Rules (Colorado) we are mandated to ask you 

to sign a simple non-disclosure agreement regarding the details of any of our active cases. 

Why invest in Litigation?  

The simplest answer ,,,,,,,

Because of the rewards potential in Plaintiff Compensation

Your investment can be highly profitable, 100 to 500%

and, at the same time, you are underwriting

Protecting the Public from further Abuse

Colorado Case examples, similar in fact, in liability, and in magnitude

to these:

Investor backed Plaintiff, Case No. 1  Excessive Force by Law Enforcement -- active


Investor backed Plaintiff,  Case No.  Civil Theft by PayPal  - - active

Plaintiff in District of Colorado Federal Court

Expected to settle soon, as happened in this case: